Designing the 3D Model

My idea was to create a 3d model of the logo of the FabLab. I started by drawing a 2D model on Draftsight and then importing it to FreeCad to transform it into a 3D object.

2D Drawing

Commands used:

L to draw lines

C to draw circles

Co to copy

M to move

Tr to trim

Sc to scale

Modify à entity à polylineàjoin

Mountain View

3D Modeling

After having the 2D sketch I tried importing it to FreeCad I got a message saying “teigha file converter not found”. I googled this and found that I need to install a software called Teigha File Converter and then I was able to import it and that’s how it looks:

Mountain View

Next step was to extrude the polyline. This can be done by changing the option at the drop list from Start to Part then the extrude button should appear.

Mountain View

Now I have the main object my model is based on. After making some copies of it and transforming their placement and location I reached this stage

Mountain View

After some further transformations I got the pieces in place and then I joined them all using Boolean union to reach my final model

Mountain View

Finally I exported the object into an .stl file to print it.

Printing the 3D Model

For this assignment I used Ultimaker 2+ printer and Cura software to prepare the print.

Mountain View

Here are the settings for the print :

Layer height 0.15 Because I did not want to have high quality

Wall thickness 1 mm This is acceptable relative to the size of the object

Top/bottom thickness 1 mm Same as the wall thickness

Print speed 50 I could have gone with 70 but it was not taking much time anyways so I kept it as the default

Travel speed 120

Support Yes Because the design needs support because of its hollow spaces

Support placement eveywhere because the sesign is almost fully hollow

Pattern GRID I tried some patterns this one looked the most convenient

Density 15 Because the object is very small and the supports are not going to hold any weight

Z distance 0.4 mm

X/y distance 1 mm

Brim 5 mm

Mountain View

Final product

Mountain View


I believe I made two mistakes first I scaled the object so it became very small and I also placed the supports everywhere so I broke it when I tried to remover the supports.


2D Drawing
3D Model
STL Print file